Automotive and heavy industries

Automotive and heavy industries of this company, in line with its goals, operates in the field of import and export, and performs services and affairs related to clearance, customs affairs, international transportation, and participation in tenders and auctions, etc. Since exports and imports are very important in the trade and commerce process in the whole world, this group develops and participates by considering the potential and power inside and outside the country, as well as the complexities of banking and trade processes related to foreign exchange affairs. Economic through the sale and clearance and customs affairs of various goods such as automobiles and equipment and agricultural machinery and heavy and industrial companies active in the field of automobiles and heavy industries such as wagons, trucks, cranes, forklifts, drilling equipment , Power plant equipment and dams, ports, oil and gas Carrying out all negotiations and agreements between companies, institutions and various sellers of origin and destination in the field of basic goods such as food and food, etc. Another part of matters related to our company's business is . Fulfilling the obligations of this group in relation to long-term relationships with manufacturing companies and service providers and consumers in order to promote and facilitate trade and development of non-oil exports is part of the management goals of this business unit. It also covers international marketing activities. Some other services of Ouj Parnian Iranian Company: Principled review of technical specifications, quality and quantity characteristics, and variety of products in target markets, while obtaining the necessary licenses and relevant documents, citing the management of insurance distribution, transportation and freight, warehousing, sending any Remittances are foreign currency and 

Medical and pharmaceutical equipment

The activities of this trading company include the field of production, import, export, distribution of medical, dental, laboratory, hospital equipment and supplies, products of domestic and foreign pharmaceutical industries.
Given that issues related to this area are closely related to the diagnosis and treatment of diseases, maintaining their safety and health, the preparation and distribution of these requirements requires careful monitoring of distributors and sellers on the quality, safety, health, authenticity of goods. .

High effectiveness and availability of pharmaceutical and medical needs of the community are two important points in the implementation of the company's activities.
Consumer equipment required by medical centers, clinics and clinics, specialized pharmacies that are licensed and approved by monitoring centers are provided to the consumer by reputable manufacturing companies through this collection

Wood industry

In order to support and provide optimal services in the field of preparation and distribution of wood products and MDF, this trading company has always tried to meet the needs of the interior decoration market and construction equipment suitable for various tastes.
Some of the products in this field include office supplies, architecture and home layout, apartment hotels, institutions with a variety of designs and colors and a combination of modernity and classic designs.
Offering special and unique products taken from interior and exterior designs, including cabinets, parquet, doors and frames, bed and furniture service, home and kitchen decoration, all using new techniques and technologies, advanced technology, and world-class quality and standard quality. And low prices are just a part of the services of this business complex.
The variety of wood profiles attracts individuals and legal entities across the country or abroad

Metal Industry

Creating a suitable platform for buying and selling goods at a favorable price, importing all kinds of profiles, such as iron, ingots, steel, steel, beams, rebars, sheets, alloy metals, metal products and products, equipment and machinery, etc. from the subset Of this trading company.
The following group is a specialist and performer of all commercial affairs, conducting transactions with reputable companies and construction and industrial hardware and other imported products, providing all sales and purchases in the field of steel products at competitive prices, partnership and cooperation with various companies active in this The field includes producers, bankers, distributors, consumers, etc. so that they can access a wider market nationally and globally with the least amount of time and money.

Petroleum products and their derivatives

Import and export of petrochemical products, petroleum products, minerals and metals, petrochemical products, equipment and chemicals, etc. is another mission of this group.
Sea, air and land transportation in order to send the desired products from inside the country and import it is just a corner of the responsibilities and projects of our collection.
Dyes, solvents, fertilizers and pesticides, rubber and pvc, fuels, bitumen, organic solvents and hydrocarbons such as oils, ethylene, methanol, urea and ammonia, etc.
Experienced experts in oil, gas and petrochemical extraction sciences will help the collection in this regard.


This center is cooperating and cooperating with reputable companies in various fields in commercial affairs (supply, production, packaging, distribution and distribution) of cosmetics and products related to this industry.
Since in recent years, cosmetic products, especially world famous brands, have faced a high price increase, our company cooperates and participates in import and export and supply and distribution of related products that are on par with famous foreign brands. Taking advantage of the valuable experiences of production officials, it is offered all over Iran and abroad.
Another service of Ouj Parnian Iranian Trading Group is customs clearance, clearance of goods and transit of all kinds of cosmetics, health and creams and hand and face lotions, etc., which all clearance and opening of related products with the benefit of Experienced personnel and special and potential facilities are provided by the country's customs, especially in the Jolfa free zones, Mako border, Bazargan, Sahlan, etc

Hygienic materials

Hygienic products such as cleansers and detergents, skin and hair care and strengthening prepared in specialized laboratories and world famous and reputable brands are just a part of the company's activities.
Hygiene basket is a collection of anti-allergic raw materials and free of toxic and harmful substances to maintain the health of people in any age group, including infants, children and adults, and relying on the knowledge of professional experts in the field of technology and modern development to meet the needs. Internationally, the consumer is constantly replenishing quality suppliers.
Naturally, the preparation and distribution of this type of products due to the high sensitivity that arises from the direct relationship of these products with human health, according to the opinions of researchers, medical and treatment experts and with the utmost care in applying the basic principles and health protocols.


This collection with the cooperation of experts and specialized people in relation to the preparation and production, packaging and distribution, export and import of various organic and standard products with high quality and with completely hygienic methods such as rice, wheat and barley, legumes, cereals, nuts And dates and other strategic and high quality products are operating extensively with the participation and representation of domestic and foreign companies.
I.P.O Company, for the well-being of dear users, imports the required food products from different parts of the world to the country and also exports domestic products to world markets.
Utilizing the latest technology in the process of packaging and distribution of food industry products in order to maintain the freshness and quality of goods to the final destination and consumers' optimal use of the true taste and aroma of products, in this set of priorities of management and staff Is a company.

Protein products

Another service of this center is the export, import, transit, clearance and transportation of all kinds of hot and cold meat products (live, frozen and refrigerated).
Partnership with the most reputable companies supplying hot and cold meat with the highest quality in order to cooperate and sign contracts with all departments, organizations and agencies, chain stores, hotels and restaurants large and small, universities and ... Among the activities of this company.
Animal protein products such as beef, mutton, beef, goat, camel, chicken, ostrich, turkey, fish, shrimp, caviar, etc. are just some of the commercial areas of this collection.
It is worth mentioning that all the services of this business center, in compliance with hygienic and standard principles and under the supervision of meat products inspection experts, by air, rail, sea, land, in containers, groups or in bulk, from countries around the world to Iran. And vice versa.

Other services

Each of the mentioned services is the responsibility of an experienced expert team in its respective field. Obtaining and granting representation to a group of domestic and foreign companies for cooperation between the contract in the next stages of the process with natural and legal persons Obtaining loans and facilities in the form of financing or foreign and domestic guarantees from various banks and institutions and Reputable in the name of the company for the purchase, construction or development of economic projects and industrial equipment, etc. Currency exchanges and the possibility of financial transfer from foreign countries, especially Europe, East Asia and Arab countries, in this regard, cooperation with various banks such as Deutsche Bank Germany, Barclays Bank London, Emirates NBD UAE, Ziraat Bank Turkey and